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Feng Shui is the technique which takes a look at your physical home, office, and even your car to see how the energy is moving and might be blocked.  By becoming aware of the areas of your home and where you would like to see change and making those changes by either moving items, adding color(s), assessing the five elements which enhance the energy flow in your space and adding those elements as physical items or colors in paint or fabric - all in alignment with the Bagua Map.


Energetic Space Clearing & Alignment involves many techniques which help move, shift and get rid of all the unseen energy in our lives to enhance and revitalize us! It’s minimal effort on the recipient. Space Clearing & Alignment enhances Feng Shui, and can also be prepared together and separately.


I remotely take a look at your floor plan, tap into the energy of the home and energetically space clear the space.  I set up an altar to honor your home space, and space clear with different modalities, one being sound (crystal bowl, drumming, etc). I share what comes up via voice recording so you have this to listen to.   


Space Clearing and Feng Shui 

Enhances the overall energy in your life through your physical space in alignment with the Bagua Map:

·  Careers

·  Relationships with Friends and Family

·  Health & Wellness

·  Prosperity & Wealth

·  Love and Marriage

·  Reputation & Fame

·  Creativity

·  Children

·  Travel

·  Self-Cultivation and Personal Knowledge


Energy Exchange:


  • Feng Shui / Space Clearing & Alignment session (1.5 hours via Zoom / FaceTime - You and I walk through your space and talk about the areas and room, while incorporating the Feng Shui Bagua Map & Element enhancements)
  •  I complete the session with a remote space clearing is approximately 1+ hour - all remotely, scheduled at a separate time. 
  • up to 1,500 square foot space.  If over, please inquire about rates. 

Feng Shui Consultation & Energetic Space Clearing Session - Remote

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